The Ignite Your Life Series

with Natalie Clark

Igniting Prosperity

A 2-hour prosperity-focused intensive offering a beautiful combo of movement, teaching and motivating content to elevate your prosperity consciousness.
Join Natalie and her private clients for this VIP exclusive

Consider inviting a friend to join you!

(Replay will be accessible for 48 hours)

Join Natalie Clark, Life Transformation Coach and Quantum Facilitator
for a 2-hour, beautifully curated prosperity workshop

Experience and embody alignment with the frequency of prosperity (by bringing all 5 elements into energetic alignment). This is a powerful, energizing experience designed for women who desire revolutionary tools delivered in a modernized, gentle, and beautiful flow. We will be breaking through outdated patterns in a 30-minute movement class as a bonus to this workshop!

This class embodies movement, teaching and healing at a soul level.

Also includes Natalie's new Prosperous States of BE-ing Chart

Guaranteed to feel invigorating, motivating, and energizing.

*Designed for all body types and fitness levels. This particular class is more intermediate level and modifications will be given for beginners
(We've got you covered!)

*Natalie's work is taking over the personal transformation arenas with incredible women doing the inner work and clearing their limitations, outdated beliefs, and energetic blocks every single day.

Saturday, June 8th, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Central
Igniting Prosperity
(Replay available for 48 hours)

Exclusive Virtual Class Pricing

(This VIP experience is capped at 25 women)
(Replay available for 48 hours)

A dynamic, transformative experience in a 2-hour capsule!
*Please have a yoga mat, water, and a notebook ready for our session.


Learn to break the patterns blocking you from the prosperity that is available universally. Identify the patterns through some fun and inner work, then blast through the blocks with Natalie's curated movement set, and raise your prosperity set point.

This is a 2-hour embodiment experience that includes teaching, learning, and healing with body movements to bust through your root blocks with empowerment leader, coach, and visionary, Natalie Clark

Experience the magic of your own life force energy as you raise your energy and frequency and use it to "dynamite" through your limiting patterns.

This class will be fun, joyful, engaging, and embody all your body's meridians and elements! Primary focus will include all elements, but we will be moving energy through the lower chakras (to clear prosperity blocks), working with the heart center and activating all elements with an emphasis on Earth and Fire elements.

*This transformational experience is revolutionary and empowering!
Don't overthink it - just grab your spot, bring a friend, and mark your calendar!

(25 tickets available)

(Replay available for 48 hours)
Wear comfortable yoga attire, have your yoga mat, water, and a journal

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Igniting Prosperity

It's time to shatter your comfort threshold on your prosperity potential...

Align your energy

Take action from your authentic self

Open the entire chakra system

Join a sisterhood on a high vibrational prosperity path


Those seeking a growth and expansion path with demonstrated commitment to the journey

Those who value creating more ease, flow, and joy in their daily lives

Those who are committed to doing their inner work

Those needing to find balance in their life, reduce stress, and elevate their mind/body/spirit

Those who understand the importance of energy maintenance

Those willing to learn tools to activate their untapped potential inside

Those ready to unleash creative energy within

Those in alignment with learning Universal principles to navigate all areas of life

Leave empowered and fully activated after this dynamite, virtual workshop!

Natalie Clark is a renowned speaker, Quantum Facilitator, visionary, entrepreneur, and brings a healing presence to her work.
She loves to facilitate rapid and impactful life shifts for others.

You will feel lighter, inspired, and energized by your internal shifts.

Exclusive pricing for Natalie's virtual community!



"Your work is game-changing and invaluable! Keep encouraging life changes in so many women!"

~ Trakecha S., Virginia, Digital Entrepreneur

"I've experienced immense, positive shifts in my energy since working with Natalie. I have been absolutely amazed by how my confidence and self worth have grown in such a short period of time! I had no idea my subconscious beliefs had such an impact on my life and that they could be realigned so quickly. Thank you, Natalie, for helping me believe the vision and dreams I've had for my life are not only possible, but that I was perfectly made to achieve them!"

~Jackie D., Michigan, Entrepreneur, Holistic Brand Designer

"I had such a fantastic day with you and the group. I absolutely love your energy and who you are. Thank you for the healing that came through. A true healer holds space and transmits pure love energy to assist others in their healing process through divine intention and energetic vibration. I feel this is what you did today for myself and others. Thank you, Natalie!"

~Lise L., Manitoba, Canada, Entrepreneur, Intuitive Reader & Spiritual Advisor

"I can't even begin to start listing all the wonderful positive changes that have happened in my life since participating in your workshop! Thank you for all that you do and by being you."

~Katherine S., North Carolina, mom, singer, and artist

What to Expect

Experience a full-body, all-meridian activation, with a focus on clearing the lower chakra centers + activating the Earth and Fire meridians

Why nothing can clear your energetic blocks except YOU

Understand YOUR inner energy flow and how it represents your health, vitality, and ability to create change in your life as it relates to prosperity

Learn how to activate your own high vibrational energy through simple and powerful body movements.

Learn why keeping all elements balanced will transform your life experience

Learn to tap into the frequency of prosperous living, thinking, & being

Learn about and experience Natalie's exclusive energy work that creates rapid transformation

Join others in a virtual circle of learning, fun, sisterhood, & inspiration.

Please be ON TIME as this is a virtual class. Zoom link to join will be sent upon registration.


  • 2 hours of dynamic teaching and an embodiment practice with Transformational Leader and Quantum Facilitator Natalie Clark, B.S., M.S. that is the epitome of ALL energy work!
  • Education, embodiment, and an energetic upgrade
  • Learn about keeping the body balanced by moving blocked energy daily
  • Time for questions & shares

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Igniting Prosperity

Meet Your Host, Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark is a renowned speaker, energy practitioner and quantum facilitator who has a gift for catalyzing soul-led, high-achieving women to crack open their untapped potential. With her 6-step signature method, Ignite Your Brilliance, using quantum principles for the Quantum Age, her clients slash through eons of deep-rooted blocks, and raise their electromagnetic field to create infinite possibilities

Having spent 18+ years working in business and higher education prior to stepping into her entrepreneurial role, Natalie is passionate about inspiring, mentoring, and coaching others to overcome their self-imposed limitations, tackle their subconscious patterns, manage their energy, raise their energetic vibration, and live life from the high vibrations of clarity, joy, and expansion.

She brings the dynamite to bust through your limiting patterns allowing them to transform into powerful new directions.

Natalie runs a dynamic, quantum-based group coaching program, serving women entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries who are on a quest for soulful expansion, alignment with their authenticity, who are igniting their life purposes, and trailblazing the path for others.

She utilizes a synergistic approach including somatic movement including Light Leader Kundalini,™ breathwork, meditation, body movement, vibrational alignment, energy system work, and incorporating universal principles to address patterns and clear blocks in the energy field. She is a genius at seeing you in alignment with your authentic self and being a catalyst for your journey!



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Igniting Prosperity